El primer lema de Coca-Cola en Estados Unidos fue “Coca-Cola… ¡Deliciosa! ¡Refrescante! ¡Estimulante! ¡Vigorizante!”. Se trataba del año 1886 y de un anuncio por palabras insertado en un periódico local el Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Poco después apareció la bebida rival Pepsi-Cola, inventada por un farmacéutico y denominada popularmente Brad’s Drink. Desde entonces, las dos compañías viven la historia de rivalidad comercial más famosa de los tiempos del consumo.

Ante todo Pepsi ha jugado mucho con la comparación, que Coca-Cola ha realizado siempre de forma más sutil y en campañas señaladas.

Os presentamos una recopilación de los lemas que han marcado la historia y la competición de las dos bebidas.

Lemas de Coca-Cola en Estados Unidos:
1886: “Coca-Cola-Delicious, Refreshing, Exhilarating”
1886: “Drink Coca-Cola”
1904: “Delicious and Refreshing”
1905: “Coca-Cola Revives and Sustains”
1906: “Great National Temperence Beverage”
1908: “Good To The Last Drop”
1917: “Three Million a Day”
1920: “Drink Coca-Cola With Soda, The hit That Saves The Day”
1922: “Thirst Knows No Season”
1923: “Refresh Yourself, There´s Nothing Like It When You´re Thirsty”
1924: “Pause and Refresh Yourself”
1926: “Stop At The Red Sign”
1927: “Around The Corner From Anywhere, At The Little Red Sign”
1928: “A Pure Drink Of Natural Flavors”
1929: “The Pause That Refreshes”
1930: “Meet Me At The Soda Fountain”
1932: “Ice Cold Sunshine”/”The Drink That Makes Pause Refreshing”
1933: “Don´t Wear A Tired, Thirsty Face”
1934: “When It´s Hard To Get Started, Start With A Coca-Cola”
1935: “All Trails Lead To Ice-Cold Coca-Cola”
1936: “Get The Feel Of Wholesome Refreshment”
1936: “It´s The Refreshing Thing To Do”
1937: “Stop For A Pause…Go Refreshed”
1938: “The Best Friend Thirst Ever Had”/”Anytime Is The Right Time To Pause and Refresh, Pure As Sunlight”
1939: “Thirst Stops Here. Makes Travel More Pleasant”
1939: “Coca-Cola Goes Along”
1939: “Wherever You Are, Whatever You Do, Wherever You May Be, When You Think Of Refreshment, Think Of Ice Cold Coca-Cola”
1940: “The Package That Gets A Welcome At Home”
1941: “A Stop That Belongs On Your Daily Timetable”
1942: “The Only Thing Like Coca-Cola Is Coca-Cola Itself”
1943: “A Taste All It´s Own”
1944: “High Sign Of Friendship”
1945: “Coke Means Coca-Cola”
1947: “Relax With The Pause That Refreshes”
1948: “Where There´s A Coke, There´s Hospitality”
1948: “It´s The Real Thing” (Used first this year)
1949: “Along The Highway To Anywhere”
1950: “Help Yourself To Refreshment”
1951: “Good Food And Coca-Cola Just Naturally Go Together”
1952: “Coke Follows Thirst Everythere”
1952: “What You Want Is A Coke”
1953: “Dependable As Sunshine”
1954: “For People On The Go”
1954: “There´s This About Coke”
1955: “Americans Prefer Taste”
1956: “Feel The Difference, Makes Good Things Taste Better”
1957: “Sign of Good Taste”
1957: “There´s Nothing Like A Coke”
1958: “Refreshment The Whole World Prefers”
1959: “Be Really Refreshed”
1959: “Make It The Real Meal”
1960: “Relax With A Coke, Revive With A Coke”
1961: “Coke And Food”
1962: “Enjoy That Refreshing New Feeling”
1963: “Things Go Better With Coke”
1964: “You´ll Go Better Refreshed”
1965: “Something More Than A Soft Drink”
1966: “Coke…After Coke…After Coke”
1970: “It´s The Real Thing” (Used with, “Everyone Welcomes Coca-Cola”)
1971: “I´d Like To Buy The World A Coke”
1975: “Look Up America”
1976: “Coke Adds Life”
1979: “Have a Coke and a Smile”
1982: “Coke Is It”
1985: “We´ve Got A Taste For You”
1986: “Catch the Wave-Red, White and You”
1989: “Can´t Beat The Feeling”
1990: “Can´t Beat The Real Thing”
1992: “You Can´t Beat the Real Thing”
1993: “Always Coca-Cola”
1998: “Drink Coca-Cola”
2000: “Enjoy Coca-Cola”
2001: “Life tastes good”
2003: “Make it real”
2006: “The Coke side of life”

Lemas de Pepsi en Estados Unidos:
1898: “Brad´s Drink”
1903: “Exhilarating, Invigorating, Aids Digestion”
1906: “Original Pure Food Drink”
1908: “Delicious and Healthful”
1915: “For All Thirsts – Pepsi-Cola”
1919: “Pepsi:Cola – It makes you Scintillate”
1920: “Drink Pepsi:Cola – It Will Satisfy You”
1928: “Peps You Up!”
1929: “Here´s Health!”
1932: “Sparkling, Delicious”
1933: “It´s the Best Cola Drink”
1934: “Double Size”
– “Refreshing and Healthful”
1938: “Join the Swing to Pepsi”
1939: “Twice as Much for a Nickel”
1943: “Bigger Drink, Better Taste”
1947: “It´s a Great American Custom”
1949: “Why Take Less When Pepsi´s Best?”
1950: “More Bounce to the Ounce”
1954: “The Light Refreshment”
– “Refreshing Without Filling”
1958: “Be Sociable, Have a Pepsi”
1961: “Now It´s Pepsi for Those Who Think Young”
1963: “Come Alive! You´re in the Pepsi Generation”
1967: “Taste that Beats the Others Cold, Pepsi Pours It On”
1969: “You´ve Got a Lot to Live, Pepsi´s Got a Lot to Give”
1973: “Join the Pepsi People Feelin´ Free”
1976: “Have a Pepsi Day!”
1979: “Catch That Pepsi Spirit”
– “Take the Pepsi Challenge”
1981: “Pepsi´s Got Your Taste for Life”
1983: “Pepsi Now!”
1984: “The Choice of a New Generation”
1987: “America´s Choice”
1989: “A Generation Ahead”
1992: “Gotta Have It”
1993: “Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi”
1995: “Nothing Else is a Pepsi”
1997: “Generation Next”
1998: “Same Great Taste”
1999: “The Joy of Cola”
2000: “The Joy of Pepsi”
2003: “Pepsi. It´s the Cola”

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