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I'm Not Sure I'm Right but Who is?

The easy thing about hard things is that you know they take effort and commitment. The hard thing about easy things is that you take them for granted and assume they will always exist. As creatives and marketers, we are problem solvers working to make a positive impact on a business and, in some cases, the world. Creativity has proven to be at the root of some of the most intricate and difficult dimensions in our world, from social justice movements and tech innovations to health advancements and infrastructure strengthening. But recently, the «easy things”—such as unity, ambition, loyalty, empathy and even common sense—have been engineered out of too many corporations and leadership circles. Join last year’s Lion of St. Mark’s recipient, Droga5 Founder and Creative Chairman David Droga, for a chat, hopefully a laugh and maybe even a little cry.


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